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A Network

to coordinate & build the commons to foster regeneration in the built environment

Digital commons to communicate, incentivise, value and fund regenerative action in the built environment.


What are Regenerative Buildings?

Buildings that are designed and built to regenerate the environment and the people who live in it.

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Energy Positive with Renewables  

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Send Zero Waste to Landfill


Grow Organic Food Locally

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Keep People Healthy


Clean & Walkable Mobility

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Restore Water Systems

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Rehabilitate Natural Systems


Use Materials Responsibly


Enable Whole Social Systems


Improve Economic Prosperity


Why Regenerative?

The current trajectory of building and living is unsustainable and harmful to the planet and society.

The construction industry is responsible for around 40% of global carbon emissions, 30% of waste generation, and 20% of water consumption.

Sustainability as a paradigm can no longer solve today's planetary and societal crises by maintaining the status quo or incremental improvements from a mechanistic worldview.

Regeneration provides a holistic framework to reimagine the built environment where all life can thrive.

What is RegenBuild?

A network of aligned  individuals, organisations and other stakeholders with shared values and a commitment to further the mission and grow the ecosystem.


A common language of regeneration for the built environment to set an aspirational standard that pushes beyond the status quo and communicates a project's performance with all the stakeholders.


A dMRV platform with a unified workflow that connects experts and validators to holistically analyse and validate building performance through all phases of a project's lifecycle.


A system to collectively own, operate and govern the commons that guide actions of all stakeholders and equitably distribute rewards based on contributions and impact of the project.


How does it Work?

RegenBuild Process


Proof of
Regen Design

The owners and design teams adopt the RegenBuild Framework and design to meet the regenerative standard. The design is validated by approved validators and an impact certificate is issued.



Project owners can utilise the issued impact certificates to secure funding from partners for solutions that make the project regenerative. Funding disbursement is prompt, contingent upon successful completion of predefined milestones during the implementation phase.

Proof of
Regen Execution


Execution teams bring designs to life during the project's construction phase. Following a thorough assessment, approved validators issue impact certificates to teams that successfully achieve implementation goals.


Proof of
Regen Performance

Upon project completion, vital metrics from the RegenBuild Framework are closely tracked during the operational phase. Should all systems perform at or exceed intended levels, validators approve impact credits to users and other stakeholders.

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